Who Is This For?

Addiction Recovery 

& Mental Health


Our focus is on showcasing contributors' skills in addiction recovery and mental health, particularly promoting the expertise of peer support specialists, therapists, psychologists, interventionists, and rehab and detox professionals. Through engaging and thought-provoking content, we develop a platform that allows these experts to impart their experiences and insights to a larger audience.

    Wellness, Motivation 

    & Lifestyle


    Our platform emphasizes the value of wellness, motivation, and achieving the best-recovered life by highlighting our contributors' distinctive viewpoints. We provide an excellent stage for professionals such as nutritionists, wellness providers, life coaches, financial advisors, hypnotherapists, and a variety of lifestyle and behavior modification experts to share their insights and expertise.

    Contributor Details


    Not at all! All you need is a Zoom connection and a headset or earbuds. While some contributors choose to enhance their setup with higher quality microphones and cameras, your laptop usually suffices in most scenarios.

    No formal on-air experience is necessary to be a contributor. We seek experts who harbor a deep passion in the realms of recovery, mental health, and wellness. Ultimately, it's about your enthusiasm, expertise, and personal experiences. We're here to support you with the finer details

    We typically encourage contributors to participate in two segments per month, but we understand everyone's circumstances are unique. Therefore, we adjust appearances based on your availability, your expertise in the topic, and other factors.

    We like to make things easy for you, so our producers create the topics and show ideas. We understand that creating and producing segments can take a lot of time and energy, so we constantly create fresh segment ideas that you can claim every two weeks.

    Most contributors typically commit less than an hour per month, including on-air time. Our dedicated team handles all the intensive tasks, such as pre-production, post-production, drafting the segment overview on your behalf, and all other time intensive responsibilities. We aim to make your contribution as effortless as possible.

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